[Python-Dev] Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Tue Dec 7 05:33:45 CET 2004

Patch / Bug Summary

Patches :  259 open ( +1) /  2705 closed ( +4) /  2964 total ( +5)
Bugs    :  800 open (-12) /  4662 closed (+20) /  5462 total ( +8)
RFE     :  160 open ( +0) /   137 closed ( +1) /   297 total ( +1)

New / Reopened Patches

add key  (2004-12-01)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1077353  opened by  Steven Bethard

Simple webbrowser fix for netscape -remote  (2004-12-02)
       http://python.org/sf/1077979  opened by  Josh Cherry

readline does not need termcap  (2004-12-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1076826  reopened by  nijel

Make cgi.py use logging module  (2004-12-05)
       http://python.org/sf/1079729  opened by  Josh Hoyt

Make cgi.py use email instead of rfc822 or mimetools  (2004-12-05)
       http://python.org/sf/1079734  opened by  Josh Hoyt

list sort is not "in place"  (2004-12-06)
       http://python.org/sf/1080078  reopened by  rhettinger

list sort is not "in place"  (2004-12-06)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1080078  opened by  Heikki Orsila

Patches Closed

add key  (2004-12-02)
       http://python.org/sf/1077353  closed by  rhettinger

readline does not need termcap  (2004-12-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1076826  closed by  loewis

raise error for common mistake with subprocess  (2004-11-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1071755  closed by  astrand

list sort is not "in place"  (2004-12-06)
       http://python.org/sf/1080078  closed by  rhettinger

list sort is not "in place"  (2004-12-06)
       http://python.org/sf/1080078  closed by  tim_one

AUTH PLAIN in smtplib  (2004-11-30)
       http://python.org/sf/1075928  closed by  jlgijsbers

New / Reopened Bugs

problem with make test on OS/X  (2004-12-02)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1077302  opened by  Ian Holsman

threads: segfault or Py_FatalError at exit  (2004-11-08)
       http://python.org/sf/1061968  reopened by  mhammond

assert fail to threw exception when run python with '-O'  (2004-12-02)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1077862  opened by  tj128

Python2.4: building '_socket' extension fails with `INET_ADD  (2004-12-03)
       http://python.org/sf/1078245  opened by  Michael Ströder

Docs for run() methods are misleading  (2004-12-04)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1078905  opened by  Kent Johnson

Email.Header encodes non-ASCII content incorrectly  (2004-12-04)
       http://python.org/sf/1078919  opened by  Tessa Lau

Incorrect error message (somewhat)  (2004-12-04)
       http://python.org/sf/1079011  opened by  Gerrit Holl

datetime changes missing from "Porting from 2.3 to 2.4"  (2004-12-04)
       http://python.org/sf/1079134  opened by  Sadruddin Rejeb

python-2.4.msi install error  (2004-12-05)
       http://python.org/sf/1079545  opened by  maharal

IDLE and old color themes  (2004-12-06)
       http://python.org/sf/1080387  opened by  projecktzero

Bugs Closed

threads: segfault or Py_FatalError at exit  (2004-11-07)
       http://python.org/sf/1061968  closed by  arigo

Tutorial corrections  (2004-12-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1076955  closed by  rhettinger

test_shutil fails on x86-64 // Suse 9.1  (2004-12-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1076467  closed by  jlgijsbers

test test_unicodedata failed   (2004-12-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1076795  closed by  lemburg

Problem testing python 2.4  (2004-12-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1077103  closed by  lemburg

re module segfaulting in large regular expression  (2004-11-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1072259  closed by  niemeyer

Memory fault pyexpat.so on SGI  (2004-11-30)
       http://python.org/sf/1075990  closed by  akuchling

assert fail to threw exception when run python with '-O'  (2004-12-02)
       http://python.org/sf/1077862  closed by  tim_one

Errors and omissions in logging module documentation  (2004-11-28)
       http://python.org/sf/1074693  closed by  vsajip

xml.dom.minidom produces errors with certain unicode chars  (2004-11-27)
       http://python.org/sf/1074200  closed by  effbot

test test_re produced unexpected output  (2004-12-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1076791  closed by  nijel

^Z doesn't exit interpreter - 2.4c1 & Win2K  (2004-11-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1073736  closed by  facundobatista

test_macostools failure on OS X  (2004-12-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1077302  closed by  bcannon

PyGILState_Ensure() deadlocks (ver 2.4)  (2004-11-29)
       http://python.org/sf/1075703  closed by  andivajda

calendar.weekheader() undocumented  (2004-05-04)
       http://python.org/sf/947894  closed by  doerwalter

Docs for unittest run() methods are misleading  (2004-12-04)
       http://python.org/sf/1078905  closed by  rhettinger

Another message that croaks email.FeedParser  (2004-11-30)
       http://python.org/sf/1076485  closed by  bwarsaw

Windows msi doesn't install site-packages directory  (2004-11-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1071594  closed by  loewis

win32con missing codes VK_VOLUME_MUTE, VK_BROWSER_BACK, ...  (2004-11-16)
       http://python.org/sf/1067153  closed by  loewis

test_sutil fails on cygwin  (2004-11-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1071513  closed by  jlgijsbers

CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS are NOT used when building modules  (2004-05-17)
       http://python.org/sf/955197  closed by  bcannon

RFE Closed

Python Interpreter embedded in small memory system  (2004-11-30)
       http://python.org/sf/1076478  closed by  rhettinger

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