[Python-Dev] PyOS_InputHook enhancement proposal

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Fri Dec 10 13:02:59 CET 2004

Keith Dart <kdart at kdart.com> writes:

> I did modify the readline module that hooks this and can call back
> to a Python function. There are also methods for installing and
> removing the Python function. I did this for a different reason. I
> need Python signal handlers to run, and they don't run when the
> execution path is currently in some C code (such as readline). The
> hook forces the interpreter to run, and check for signals as a side
> effect. Using this I can be sitting in raw_input(), or interactive
> mode, and signal handlers are still run.

Have you seen what happened to the signal handling code in readline in
Python 2.4?  I don't think your modifications will be needed anymore,
but you should check.


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