[Python-Dev] PEP 338: Executing modules inside packages with '-m'

Brett C. bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Dec 12 04:17:28 CET 2004

Nick Coghlan wrote:
> Python 2.4's -m command line switch only works for modules directly on 
> sys.path.
> Trying to use it with modules inside packages will fail with a "Module not
> found" error. This PEP aims to fix that for Python 2.5.
> Previously, posting of a draft version of the PEP to python-dev and 
> python-list
> didn't actually generate any responses. I'm not sure if that's an 
> indication
> that people don't see the restriction to top-level modules as a problem 
> (and
> hence think the PEP is unecessary), or think the extension to handle 
> packages is
> obvious (and hence see no need to comment).
> For c.l.p, it could just be a sign that Python 2.4 hasn't been out long 
> enough for anyone to care what I'm yabbering on about :)
> Anyway, all comments are appreciated (even a simple "Sounds good to me").

Sounds good to me. =)



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