[Python-Dev] MinGW And The other Py2.4 issue

A.B., Khalid abkhd at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 13 00:19:55 CET 2004

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
>That's good to know, but somewhat unrelated to the issue under
>discussion. While it is clear from your message that you can build
>python, as well as python extensions with MingW, it is not that
>clear whether extensions build with mingw will work in the standard
>2.4 distribution, or whether you can use the standard 2.4 distribution
>to build extensions with mingw.

Martin it is somewhat related. :)

But seriously, I did mention that which you note, and this is partly the 
reason why I am following this thread. But you are right. We must resolve 
that issue as it pertains to the pyMinGW patched & MinGW compiled Python, if 
you would kindly allow me to. And so I propose the following:

     [1] Can someone please email me [*] the officially distributed 
Python24.dll and python.exe,
          (I do not wish to install the full version yet; if this is too 
much to ask, then nevermind, I'll
          download the whole distribution), or alternatively, and more 

     [2] Can someone who has the official Python 2.4 download the sample 
extension [**] created
          using the pyMinGW patched & MinGW compiled Python 2.4 and SWIG? 
And see if it works?
          Sources are in the zip file whose details appears bellow.


[*] Email to this address please: abkhd[-AT-]earth.co.jp
[**] pymingw.zip (5.35 KB):
Location: http://jove.prohosting.com/iwave/misc/pymingw.zip
MD5: b4c1a2ebcb8a00fde89f6efe102d983f
Contents in KB:
_PYMINGW PYD         9.216  13/12/04   1:00 _pymingw.pyd
PYMINGW  PY          1.115  13/12/04   1:00 pymingw.py
PYMINGW  I             278  13/12/04   1:00 pymingw.i
EXAMPLE  C             848  13/12/04   0:23 example.c
SETUP    PY            192  13/12/04   0:59 setup.py

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