[Python-Dev] MinGW And The other Py2.4 issue

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Dec 15 22:57:00 CET 2004

Paul Moore wrote:
> For a starter, what steps do you actually take to build a release? I
> assume that the first step is to build Python, by clicking on "build"
> in VS.NET. 

Yes. You can skip this step by just putting all the .pyds, dlls, and
.exes into the PCbuild directory. The packaging will try to pick them
up from there (and proceed if some are missing, like Tcl likely will).

 > Once you have that, is there a single script you run?

Yes. Invoke Tools\msi\msi.py, using a Python that has pythonwin (i.e.
COM interopability). The only tricky part is that you need cabarc.exe,
which is included in VC, and in the platform SDK.

> If
> there's a document describing the release process somewhere, feel free
> to point me at it.



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