[Python-Dev] re: 2.4 news reaches interesting places

Michael Chermside mcherm at mcherm.com
Fri Dec 17 17:24:11 CET 2004

Carlos Riberio writes:
> One possible marketing strategy is to use the adjective "fast" in a
> broader sense. The Python slogan could be something like: "Programming
> has never been any faster" -- this changes the playing ground, from
> raw performance to *programming* performance.

I think Carlos is onto something here. Guido's original question was
how to fight this meme... in other words, people think of Python as
slow, whether they have measured it or not. Just like they think of
Java as being more portable. Talking about "fast enough" is just another
way of reminding people that we're really quite slow (even if that's not

So how about a slogan like "Code it Fast, with Python", or "Python: Code
Fast" -- one which emphasizes the (easily defended) claim that development
time is shorter with Python, but which at the same time manages to
associate the word "fast" with "Python".

-- Michael Chermside

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