[Python-Dev] Re:[Python-checkins] python/dist/src/Pythonmarshal.c, 1.79, 1.80

Irmen de Jong irmen at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 21 20:00:22 CET 2004

Tim Delaney wrote:
> Irmen de Jong wrote:
>> Also, I'm not sure how a test-case should be constructed
>> for this patch? Can the Python regression test download stuff
>> as part of a test? Or is there some other way to make a
>> testcase for this.
> Hmm - perhaps start a server on the local machine at the start of the 
> test, and tear it down at the end? you've then got full control of that 
> server and can make it do whatever you want.
> Or replace the socket objects with mock objects?

Thanks for those suggestions.
Let's see what I can concoct.

Never made (or studied in detail) a python regression test case
before so now is a good time :)


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