[Python-Dev] Build extensions for windows python 2.4 what are the compiler rules?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Dec 24 00:12:42 CET 2004

Barry Scott wrote:
> It seems that I can build extensions with msvc 6.0 that work with the 
> python 2.4 windows
> binary kit.
> Is this safe?

No, it isn't. This emerges as a Python 2.4 FAQ.

> I recall warning a while ago about mixing msvc 6.0 and msvc 7.1 runtime 
> DLL's. Is this
> an issue with python 2.4?

Yes, it is.

> I'm also surprised that the python 2.4 source kit only mentions MSVC 6.0 
> and not the compiler that you actually built python 2.4 with.

Why do you say that? PCbuild/readme.txt starts with

Building Python using VC++ 7.1
This directory is used to build Python for Win32 platforms, e.g. Windows
95, 98 and NT.  It requires Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1
(a.k.a. Visual Studio .NET 2003).
(For other Windows platforms and compilers, see ../PC/readme.txt.)


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