[Python-Dev] Re: proto-pep: How to change Python's bytecode

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Sun Dec 26 01:43:31 CET 2004

    >> Over the last several years, various people have reported
    >> experimenting with CPython's bytecodes.  I wonder if it would be
    >> helpful to have a respository of the results, in one place, for new
    >> experimenters and curious people to peruse.

    Brett> Wouldn't hurt.  Adding that section would not be bad, but I don't
    Brett> have the inclination to hunt them down.  What do others think
    Brett> about having this section?

How about just references in the PEP?  I presented a paper several years ago
at a Python workshop on a peephole optimizer for Python.  Also, Michael
Hudson has his no-longer-active bytecodehacks stuff:


I imagine there's other stuff as well.


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