[Python-Dev] Re: [Pythonmac-SIG] The versioning question...

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Tue Dec 28 05:26:51 CET 2004

    Martin> If you really want side-by-side installation of different
    Martin> versions, and a mechanism to select between them, the package
    Martin> could support

    Martin> import xml_0_8_2 as xml

    Martin> IOW, "import-as" should be sufficient for what you want to achieve.

That's more-or-less the scheme adopted where I work.  If we have two
versions of a sybase module installed side-by-side, the imports might look

    import local.db.sybase.v1 as sybase


    import local.db.sybase.v2 as sybase

It's a bit cumbersome, but it's worked okay for us so far.


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