[Python-Dev] bug 754449 and threads raising exceptions at interpreter teardown

Brett bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Feb 9 14:46:32 EST 2004

In 2.3, if you have a thread running when the interpreter tears itself 
down you get an exception from what looks like the thread catching an 
exception from trying to access something that has been torn down which 
then raises its own exception from the fact that globals have already 
disappeared since it tries to access currentThread which is a global 
(all of this is in my last comment in the bug report).

My question is whether this is worth fixing.  Since it only occurs if 
you don't shut down your threads it seems like it is not really a bug 
but just unexpected behavior from not cleaning up after yourself.  But, 
as I said in my bug report post, I think it is fixable.  So is it even 
worth fixing in some non-pretty way?


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