[Python-Dev] Allowing non-ASCII identifiers

François Pinard pinard at iro.umontreal.ca
Mon Feb 9 19:17:07 EST 2004

[François Pinard]
> [Martin von Löwis]
> > François Pinard wrote:
> > >>1. At run-time, identifiers are represented as Unicode objects unless
> > >>they are pure ASCII.  IOW, they are converted from the source encoding
> > >>to Unicode objects in the process of parsing.

> > >This is already the case, isn't it?

> > Currently, all identifiers are byte strings, at run-time, representing
> > ASCII characters. IOW, you currently won't observe Unicode strings
> > as identifiers.

> Oops, sorry.  I misread your sentence as limiting itself to identifiers.
> I thought having read that the effect of `coding:' was to convert the
> whole source to Unicode before the scanner pass.  This is all from fuzzy
> memory.

Re-oops!  Really, I ought to be tired for writing so ambiguously.
Should have written something more like:

  Oops, sorry.  I misread your sentence, and missed the fact that it was
  limiting itself to identifiers.  I thought I once read that the effect
  of `coding:' ... [etc.]

> > ># -*- coding: Latin-1 -*-
> > >élève = 3
> > >print élève
> > [...]

> > >This is kind of an happy bug!  May we count on it being supported in the
> > >interim? :-) :-)

> > I would think so: this bug has been present for quite some time,
> > and nobody complained :-)

> Would Guido accept to pronounce on that? :-)

I'm still ambiguous above...  Tss, tss!  Would Guido pronounce on the
fact that the bug will _not_ be corrected, at least not until Python
supports non-ASCII identifiers in more complete and correct ways?

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