[Python-Dev] Weekly Python Bug/Patch Summary

Jeff Epler jepler at unpythonic.net
Wed Feb 18 21:46:56 EST 2004

Thanks for reminding me that this all varies from machine to machine.
I guess that what I was trying to say in my message is this:

    On my platform, I get the same result.  Here's why.

The term "unordered" came from me reading an x86 architecture reference
and trying to use the same words the grown-ups use.

It's too bad you can get infinity and nan other than by using
float('os-specific mumbo-jumbo'), because if that weren't the case we
could just force Python's syntax for floating-point literals on the
argument to float(), never passing it to the platform atof() if it
doesn't conform.  That would, uh, completely solve all problems python
programmers ever encounter with floats.


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