[Python-Dev] Plea for function/method syntax sugar (PEP 318, with a different syntax)

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Thu Feb 19 11:12:37 EST 2004

Bob Ippolito <bob at redivi.com> writes:

>> PEP 306 is (intended to be) a checklist of what's needed.
> Looks good.  I see "Certain changes may require tweaks to the library
> module pycblr", but google doesn't even know what or where that is.
> I'll go through it and make a new CVS HEAD patch as well as test
> additions and doc changes this weekend.  However, I'm not going to
> deal with Jython and I obviously can't do anything about pycblr :)

Seems to be a typo: the right spelling is pyclbr (Python class browser).


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