[Python-Dev] PEP 309, function currying

Andrew Koenig ark-mlist at att.net
Sat Feb 21 14:15:54 EST 2004

> I'll quote from the abstract:
>    Function currying is the process of partially, or incrementally,
> supplying arguments to a function.  Curried functions are delayed
> functions expecting the remainder of the arguments to be supplied.
> Once all the arguments are supplied, the function evaluates normally.

But there's a perfectly good term for that behavior: partial application,
and what that note calls curried functions are really closures.

If you use currying to refer to what I've just called partial application,
what term do you use to refer to currying?

I'm with Dave on this one:  If you have a function f that takes two
arguments, then currying f should yield a function with one argument that
returns a function that takes one argument.

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