[Python-Dev] other uses for "as" [was Re: new syntax for wrapping (PEP 318)]

Doug Holton d.holton at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Feb 26 17:02:23 EST 2004

> would also be sensible syntax.  But, the real monkeywrench here is that:
>     def func1(x as int, y as float) as staticmethod:
> now looks like it *returns* a staticmethod, which is wrong.
> So, thanks to your argument, I'm now leaning a little more towards using 
> [] rather than "as", because "as" looks like syntax that should be 
> reserved for adaptation at a future time.  :)

You're right.  I had forgotten that Visual Basic uses "as" to specify 
the return type of a function too.

I guess [] (or any list object) is better for method decorators.

Maybe in the future you could have something like:

def myfunc(x as int, y as float) [synchronized, staticmethod] as int:

So "as" is always and only associated with adaptation.

x = myfunc(1, 2.0)
  --> means x = adapt(myfunc(adapt(1,int),adapt(2.0,float)), int)

p = q as int
  --> means p = adapt(q, int)

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