[Python-Dev] OpenVMS file system and UNIVERSAL_NEWLINES support

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Feb 27 07:29:43 EST 2004

    >> I wouldn't call it __VMS: if Python still runs on OS/390 or MVS or
    >> whatever they'll have the same problem. And I/O system where the
    >> underlying filesystem isn't bytestream-based is really what we're
    >> talking about, I think.

    Jean-François> Correct, none of these patches are OpenVMS specific.
    Jean-François> Any conditional name suggestion is welcome...

What about Py_HAS_STREAM_IO?  It would be defined by default.  On platforms
like OpenVMS, you could #undef it in pyport.h or through some other

Or the contr, something like Py_HAS_NO_STREAM_IO.  That doesn't read very
well though.


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