[Python-Dev] Re: new syntax for wrapping (PEP 318)

Moore, Paul Paul.Moore at atosorigin.com
Fri Feb 27 07:32:06 EST 2004

From: Michael Hudson
> "Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy)" <tdelaney at avaya.com> writes:

>> Anyway, those are my thoughts on the whole topic. I'm:
> Nice work.
>>     +1 on syntax for decorators attached to function definitions
>>     +1 on def foo (bar) [baz]:
>>     +0 on def foo (bar) as baz: if there's a way to extend it multi-line.
>>     -1 on all the other proposed syntaxes.
>>     -1 on restricting it to specific decorators such as classmethod
> I agree, FWIW.

Agreed, on all counts.

Also, while people are currently coming up with some fairly extreme uses of
the new feature, I don't think that's a particularly bad thing. As with any
new construct, it can be abused, but in practice, good taste will prevail,
and in the meantime, the experimentation just proves the flexibility of the


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