[Python-Dev] Specifying Python version when running piethon benchmark

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Jan 1 00:53:02 EST 2004

    Dennis> I suspect there are other folks who have run the pie-con
    Dennis> benchmarks on their machines.  Perhaps we should construct a
    Dennis> chart.

800 MHz Ti PowerBook (G4), using Python from CVS, output of make (second
run of two, to make sure pyo files were already generated):

    time python -O b.py >@out

    real    0m49.999s
    user    0m46.610s
    sys     0m1.030s
    cmp @out out

The best-of-three pystone measurement is 10964.9 pystones/second.

The Makefile should probably parameterize "python" like so:

    PYTHON = python

            time $(PYTHON) -O b.py >@out
            cmp @out out


so people can specify precisely which version of Python to use.


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