[Python-Dev] Specifying Python version when running piethon benchmark

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Jan 2 13:45:46 EST 2004

    >> Some rather simple operations slow down considerably after the
    >> system's been up awhile (and I do tend to leave it up for days or
    >> weeks at a time).  I don't recall how long it had been up when I ran
    >> those tests.  I just ran pystone again - it's been up 2 days, 19 hrs
    >> at the moment - and got significantly better numbers:

    aahz> What version of OS X and developer tools?  I'm a tiny bit
    aahz> surprised that you say your machine stays up for weeks at a time;
    aahz> that implies you don't install security updates.

On the contrary.  Apple doesn't release security updates all that often.  I
run Software Update daily.  If the presence of new software updates was the
only reason to reboot I'd almost never reboot. <wink> Just to make sure that
was the case I just ran Software Update manually.  Nothing is out-of-date
(well, except for the fact that I haven't coughed up the dough for 10.3.x
yet).  I'm running an up-to-date version of 10.2.8.


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