[Python-Dev] HP-UX clean-up

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.com
Sat Jan 3 13:22:56 EST 2004

> From neal at metaslash.com Sat Jan 03 12:28:17 2004
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> I think newer versions of HPUX are a little better.  Since most of the
> HPUX resources available (snake-farm and HP Test Drive machines) tend
> to be 11.x+.  But very few have access to HPUX, Irix, or AIX.

> >     Who *are* the folks with an HP-UX interest?

> I wouldn't say I have an interest in HPUX beyond the fact that
> I'd like to see it work and have access to some boxes. :-)
> I can try to make some time available to help.

> > 2.  Does anyone happen to have an executable
> >     built that can "import Tkinter"?  That's my
> >     most immediate need.  If you can share that
> >     with me, it'd help my own situation, and I'll
> >     continue to push for corrections in the
> >     standard distribution, anyway.

> If so it would probably be for HPUX 11.something.

> Neal

Your characterization is likely apt:  several of us simply
want to see it work and have access to boxes.  It's hard
to have much more enthusiasm for it than H-P (the company
to cashier OSF1, MPEix, ...) does--and that's precious 

I'll try to confine myself to technical points though,
especially in anything broadcast to all of python-dev.

Does someone have a Tkinter-importable Python for 11.x?
I'd like to know that ...

Whether to support just 11.x, or aim also for 10.20 and
above, is a thorny question; it's probably easier just to
do the work than to settle that one by pure reasoning.  It
suits me to start with 10.20, so that's what I'll do, until
someone makes a specific argument to the contrary.

I can probably get Irix and AIX later in the year--maybe 
by February.  First things first ...

Has anyone been in contact with the HP-UX Porting Center
folks recently?  I wonder if I should enlist their help

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