[Python-Dev] Switch to VC.NET 7.1 completed

Martin v. Loewis martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Jan 5 16:39:23 EST 2004

Trent Mick wrote:

> Was there general agreement that this move should be made now? 

Yes. None of the major contributors (Guido, Tim, Thomas) objected,
even though Mark's lack of objection may be due to his vacation.

There was some concern that mingw building may not work, which we
found was fortunately not true.

There was some concern that using .NET SDK compiler may not be
possible, however
a) using the SDK compiler was not possible out of the box before,
    either, and
b) people interested in this can contribute a solution later still,
c) the VC6 files are still available to those that want to generate

Apart from that, there was no objection.


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