[Python-Dev] HP-UX clean-up

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.com
Tue Jan 6 16:32:36 EST 2004

> From martin at v.loewis.de Tue Jan 06 16:18:36 2004
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> >     Is there a clean way to build without curses?  

> Why do you want one? If it fails to build, it fails to build.
> It will still continue trying to build the other extension
> modules.

> The real problem here is the old decision to use distutils
> for building exceptions - in the Modules/Setup approach,
> you *had* to edit the file to determine which extension
> modules to build.

> Of course, the same can apply to setup.py: Just delete
> the lines mentioning curses, and it will stop building
> the curses extensions.

> I'm confident though that one can manage to adjust the
> curses code to build on HP-UX, once you have figured out
> that there are multiple (three ?!?) curses implementations
> on the system, and that you should select the "right"
> one.
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?  You might have to go through some of this slowly for me.
I'm stumbling over the "It will still continue trying to 
build the other extension modules" part.  I did "make; make
install", and no one ever tried to compile Modules/_tkinter.c
(for example); what am I missing?

I agree that curses is a finite problem, one that can be
overcome.  Does anyone happen to know his way around this
module, even if only enough to say that, perhaps, systematic
trial-and-error is more efficient than rational comprehension?

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