[Python-Dev] Re: HP-UX clean-up

Paul Moore pf_moore at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 18:03:00 EST 2004

"Nick Monyatovsky" <mon at ABAQUS.com> writes:

> Would not it be better if you let the users (people who compile Python) decide
> what they want?

I believe the idea is to cater for people wanting to produce binary
distributions of Python. For such people, the fewer variations they
need, the better.

I would be very happy to get a binary distribution of Python for HPUX,
as I regularly work on HPUX machines which don't have compilers.

I've a particular bee in my bonnet about HP machines, though, as I
tend to work via telnet/SSH only, no X, on boxes with almost no
optional extras installed. I'm sick of finding distributions of Vim
which require X libraries installed, even though I'm not going to use
the X features. And need to be root to install, although I only want
the *(&^&*@#$ thing for my own use!

Sorry about that...

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