[Python-Dev] CJKCodecs integration into Python

Hye-Shik Chang perky at i18n.org
Fri Jan 9 03:30:21 EST 2004


I just submitted a patch to integrate CJKCodecs into python.

As I remember, the problems mentioned on a previous discussion about
this are these three:

1) Size

 Python+CJKCodecs is just 102% of the original by source size and
 104% by source line counts. Installed binary size is about 2.5MB.
 I think it's not a big size for todays harddisks.

2) Backward Compatibility with C/J/K Codecs

 with ChineseCodecs: it's perfectly compatible except ChineseCodecs'
 trivial bugs.

 with JapaneseCodecs: it's now compatible enough to use. the only
 difference is ISO-2022-JP's error handling for bytes set MSB which
 is very unusual and invalid.

 with KoreanCodecs: it's perfectly compatibie.

3) Maintenance

 I can maintain it on Python CVS by myself now. :)

And I put cjkcodecs files into Modules/cjkcodecs/, but I can't sure
this is the right place to put them.

Any opionions will be appreciated.

Thank you!


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