[Python-Dev] The os module, unix and win32

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Fri Jan 9 07:32:08 EST 2004


>> Another possibility: we'd get a lot more mileage out of simply
>> adding ctypes to the standard install. That would solve the
>> immediate popen problem, let us get rid of _winreg entirely (and
>> replace it with a pure Python version), and make future Win32
>> problems easier to solve.

> I don't know that a Python version of _winreg using ctypes would be
> preferable over a C version.

Since there is a C version, there's no need to code it in Python again.

> I'd expect it to be slower, less readable than the C version, and more
> susceptible to the possibility of causing segfaults.

Slower: yes, but I don't know how much.
Less readable: no, more readable.
Susceptible to segfaults: If written correctly, it should be bullet
proof - exactly the same as a C version.

> That doesn't mean I don't think ctypes is a good idea -- just that I
> don't think applying it to _winreg would be useful.


Should this be a Windows only version, or cross-platform?


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