[Python-Dev] htmllib & formatter & rendering real htmldocs

Dennis Allison allison at sumeru.stanford.EDU
Sun Jan 11 17:02:13 EST 2004

I'm pondering the problem of rendering webpages into pdf.

The HTML involved is 4.01+ with some minimal Javascript with can
either be special cased or ignored. 

Htmllib has not been brought up to date although I see from traffic in
this list's archive from amk (amk at amk.ca) saying that he/she was
working on it.

Updating htmllib to 4.01+ does not see to be a big task--updating the
formatter and writer modules to handle things like CSS looks to be
significant. Has anyone stepped up to this task?

BTW, (this in answer to amk's question of a while back) I do use both the
AbstractFormatter and the DumbWriter in production code where I need to
render a text version of a web page to be sent as email.

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