[Python-Dev] Python MSI

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Jan 11 19:31:29 EST 2004

[Martin v. Löwis]
>> Can you please elaborate? I don't quite understand the relationship
>> between the UI sequence and the execute sequence:

[Bob Arnson]
> You're not alone!<g> At work, we have a wall where we post
> clippings about MSI weirdnesses; we call it the "MSI Hall of
> Misery" because it usually represents days of research and
> experimenting without much to show for the effort...

Hey, how would you like to join the SpamBayes project?  We have a similar
thing going with reverse-engineering a billion and one un- and
mis-documented features of the Outlook and MAPI APIs.  We could really use
someone with experience in recording them all on one wall <wink>.

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