[Python-Dev] patching webbrowser.py for OS X

Brendan O'Connor brendano at stanford.edu
Tue Jan 13 04:00:15 EST 2004

> I don't think that this patch is necessary..  On my Mac OS X 10.3
> machine (comes with Python 2.3.0), webbrowser.py uses Internet Config
> to launch the url (the 'ic' module).  This is basically equivalent to
> the open command.  It works like this:
> 	* Internet Config is an old MacOS API that's mapped to Launch Services
> which launches the URL with your preferred browser
> 	* open is a command line utility that uses the NSWorkspace Cocoa API
> which uses Launch Services to launch the URL with your preferred
> browser
> I don't think your patch fixes anything, it's launched by Launch
> Services either way.. at least on OS X 10.3.  A patch doesn't do us any
> good against Python 2.2.0 on Mac OS 10.2 if its behavior is broken.
> Apple doesn't update Python between major releases.
> You should be able to install MacPython 2.3 in your home directory.
> Don't bother with Fink.

That's it, I'm on 10.2; I guess this is just a quick fix for that one
version.  Well, thanks all for the pointers.


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