[Python-Dev] Re: isinstance(x, types.UnboundMethodType) feature

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Jan 20 13:26:53 EST 2004

"Gareth Ladd" <g.ladd at eris.qinetiq.com> wrote in message
news:400D2420.7040701 at eris.qinetiq.com...
> Am I missing an subtelty of bound/unbound-ness?

As of 2.2, C.hello.im_self == None while c.hello.im_self == c.

Presume still same in 2.3.  This is very much an implementation internal
feature and not part of language definition.  (Meaning: can be changed
without notice.)  I believe this is how repr() tells difference.

This sort of question is better asked on comp.lang.python.  It is about
usage of current python rather than development of future python.

Terry J. Reedy

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