[Python-Dev] Configure option to change Python's name?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Wed Jan 21 19:38:11 EST 2004

Aahz wrote:

>>Why can't you configure with an entirely different --prefix, such as
> That only works if you want to provide the full path to the executable
> each time you use it (or if you are willing to set up a link or alias
> that sits in the PATH that does what Jack suggests).

Right. I see no problems with creating symlinks, though.

> I'm somewhere between +0 and +1; the former is because I worry a bit
> about dealing with people who do this when they don't know what they're
> doing.

I'm more concerned with the maintenance burden that the feature adds.
There are many places that need attention, those places become
unreadable after the change, it will take ages to discover them all,
and the feature will break every few weaks when a new such place
is added.


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