[Python-Dev] Oodles of warnings in cjkcodecs

Hye-Shik Chang perky at i18n.org
Fri Jan 23 09:42:06 EST 2004

On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 02:20:15PM -0500, Tim Peters wrote:
> Under MSVC 6, tons of new warnings are generated for these new files.  Then
> all the new tests fail on Win98SE, with errors like:
>     LookupError: unknown encoding: shift_jisx0213
> New warnings:
> multibytecodec.c
> _cp932.c
> C:\Code\python\Modules\cjkcodecs\_cp932.c(23) : warning C4244: '=' :
> conversion from 'unsigned short ' to 'unsigned char ', possible loss of data

Okay. It's fixed in CVS. If you find another warnings not fixed by
this, please let me know.

BTW, I got a traceback on committing. (maybe from a cvsmail script?)

Checking in _big5.c;
/cvsroot/python/python/dist/src/Modules/cjkcodecs/_big5.c,v  <--  _big5.c
new revision: 1.2; previous revision: 1.1
Checking in _cp932.c;
new revision: 1.2; previous revision: 1.1
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/cvsroot/python/CVSROOT/syncmail", line 329, in ?
  File "/cvsroot/python/CVSROOT/syncmail", line 322, in main
    blast_mail(subject, people, specs[1:], contextlines, fromhost)
  File "/cvsroot/python/CVSROOT/syncmail", line 224, in blast_mail
    conn.connect(MAILHOST, MAILPORT)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.2/smtplib.py", line 276, in connect
    for res in socket.getaddrinfo(host, port, 0, socket.SOCK_STREAM):
socket.gaierror: (-2, 'Name or service not known')


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