[Python-Dev] Oodles of warnings in cjkcodecs

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Fri Jan 23 11:16:39 EST 2004

> I recently got a message from SF saying they upgraded the Python on
> the cvs machine to 2.2.3.  I'm wondering if they also turned off smtp
> on that machine (syncmail's MAILHOST variable points to localhost via
> its empty string value).  I've seen this same error, or reports of
> this on several projects and have a message into SF to find out
> what's up.

I bet this recent blurb on SF's site status page is relevant:

    (2004-01-23 06:31:27 - Project CVS Service)
    Due to the recent OS upgrade on the SourceForge.net developer CVS
    server, it will be necessary for any per-project syncmail script
    installations to make a one-line change to their syncmail script.
    The central copy of the syncmail script which is used by a number
    of projects has already been modified in this manner. To function
    properly, the MAILHOST line should be hardcoded to
    MAILHOST = 'localhost'.
    Additional information on syncmail may be found in Enhancing
    Project CVS Services Using Scripts; the SourceForge.net team
    maintains a central copy of the syncmail script which your project
    may use.

So did they upgrade to Windows <wink>?  Having to say 'localhost' instead of
using an empty string is universal across Windows flavors.

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