[Python-Dev] Collections

Raymond Hettinger raymond.hettinger at verizon.net
Mon Jan 26 21:19:55 EST 2004

The collections module is in the sandbox and is almost ready for
If anyone has some time to look at it, I would appreciate it if you
would email
me with any comments or suggestions.
Right now, it only has one type, deque(), which has a simple API
of append(), appendleft(), pop(), popleft(), and clear().  It also
__len__(), __iter__(), __copy__(), and __reduce__().  It is fast,
threadsafe, easy-to-use, and memory friendly (no calls to realloc()
or memmove()).
The sandbox includes unittests, a performance measurement tool,
and a pure python equivalent.
I've tried it out with the standard library and it drops in seamlessly
with Queue.py, mutex.py, threading.py, shlex.py, and pydoc.py.
I looked at implementing this as a package, but that was overkill.
If future additions need to be in a separate sourcefile, it is simple
enough to load them into the collections namespace.
Raymond Hettinger
To run the sandbox code, type:  python setup.py build install
and then at the interactive prompt:  from collections import deque
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