[Python-Dev] Proposed: change to posting rules for python-dev

Jack Jansen Jack.Jansen at cwi.nl
Fri Jan 30 18:02:30 EST 2004

On 30-jan-04, at 22:30, Barry Warsaw wrote:

> There's been some talk off-list about changing the posting rules for
> python-dev, such that non-member post attempts are automatically
> rejected (i.e. bounced).  This means you'd have to be a member to post
> to the list.  I think that's not an inappropriate rule for python-dev.

Personally I don't see that python-dev has a problem with non-member 
postings. There's the occasional post that should have been sent to 
python-list, but that happens only once a week or so, and usually 
there's only one "wrong list" reply.

I tend to prefer members-only only for lists where the signal-noise 
ratio drops below 90% or less. Even with the current virusstorm 
python-dev seems to keep doing pretty good.
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