[Python-Dev] making weakref.ref objects subclassable

Fred Drake fred at zope.com
Thu Jul 1 00:01:48 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 30 June 2004 11:46 pm, Tim Peters wrote:
 > Well, there is no change to gcmodule.c, except for the indirect change in
 > what the PyWeakref_Check() macro expands to.  The risks with weakrefs

The change in the macro expansion is exactly what I was referring to; not a 
source change, but a real change none the less.

 > For reasons given above, I believe gc performance will be virtually
 > unchanged for almost all programs.

That was my conclusion as well.  Empirical evidence with the Zope 3 test suite 
suggests that's right.  If anyone has an application that would be 
meaningfully affected by this change, I'd be rather surprised, and would 
appreciate hearing about it.


Fred L. Drake, Jr.  <fred at zope.com>
Zope Corporation

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