[Python-Dev] Undo indenting of macros in Include/pyport.h?

Brett Cannon bac at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Jul 5 03:26:04 CEST 2004

If you look at Include/pyport.h and its symbol visibility section (e.g., 
PyAPI_DATA, the reason I noticed this) you will notice that a bunch of 
macro definitions have tabs between the # sign and the start of whatever 
the macro is about ('define', 'if defined', etc.).

In of itself it's fine, valid C code.  But unless you grep without the # 
sign you are not going to find definitions in there using grep.  This 
personally threw me since I initially grepped for "#define PyAPI_DATA" 
and "#def PyAPI_DATA".  After doing a blanket "PyAPI_DATA" grep I found 
the definition.

Personally I would like to remove the tabs so that grepping is easier 
and more obvious.  But the tabbing is there since the #ifdef'ing goes 
three levels deep.  Any opinions on this?  Since this stuff is not 
documented anywhere but in the file since it is core stuff I think it 
would be nice to make grepping for it easier (and no, grepping for 
without the # sign won't work for me since I know I won't remember to do 
that and I doubt everyone but me does grep without the # sign for macros).


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