[Python-Dev] decimal API

Batista, Facundo FBatista at uniFON.com.ar
Mon Jul 5 19:48:21 CEST 2004

[Tim Peters]

#- Note that I've suggested that some trap-enable flags should be set by
#- default for Python:  those for invalid operation, divide by 0, and
#- overflow.  So, in my mind (unsullied by reality <wink>):  (a)
#- conversion of a nonsense string already signals invalid-operation;
#- and, (b) because the invalid-operation trap-enable flag is set by
#- default in Python, it also already raises an exception.

We don't have nothing enabled by default:

>>> import Decimal
>>> for (exc, val) in Decimal.getcontext().trap_enablers.items():
	print str(exc).ljust(50), val

Decimal.Underflow                                  0
Decimal.DivisionByZero                             0
Decimal.DecimalException                           0
Decimal.Clamped                                    0
Decimal.DivisionUndefined                          0
Decimal.Inexact                                    0
Decimal.InvalidContext                             0
Decimal.Overflow                                   0
Decimal.LostDigits                                 0
Decimal.Rounded                                    0
Decimal.Subnormal                                  0
Decimal.InvalidOperation                           0
Decimal.ConversionSyntax                           0
Decimal.DivisionImpossible                         0

I'm +1 to enable some by default: DivisionByZero, DivisionUndefined,
Overflow, InvalidOperation, ConversionSyntax and DivisionImpossible are my
proposal, but it's my taste and know nothing about numbers usability...

.	Facundo

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