[Python-Dev] www.python.org defacement

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Thu Jul 8 22:30:05 CEST 2004

Some of you may have noticed that www.python.org got defaced today.  We
also believe that the site has been used for some time to trade warez,
but we do not think that it was rooted.  We believe we have closed the
holes and repaired the damage.  Access to some of the accounts on the
machine have been disabled, but those folks know who they are and how to
get them re-enabled.

I have verified by GPG signature all three Python 2.3.4 downloads (the
tgz, tar.bz2, and exe) and I don't believe they were trojaned.  I'll be
checking the other signed distros and will report if I smell anything
fishy.  If you find anything missing or notice anything hinky, please
let us know via the webmaster at python.org or pydotorg at python.org mailing

Send your derision to me, but send your thanks to Thomas, Skip, Andrew,
Michael and the other volunteer admins for the site, who stepped up
quickly and effectively to fix this, and verify and restore the content.


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