[Python-Dev] decimal.py signals & traps

mcherm at mcherm.com mcherm at mcherm.com
Fri Jul 9 13:55:14 CEST 2004

Raymond writes:
> I would like change the Context constructor API to [...]
> (list only the flags and traps that you want set).


> The dictionaries themselves would be made private (allowing them to
> be recast as sets if desired).


David writes:
> The point of this discussion and the patch is that according to the
> spec and PEP 327, there *is no* "conversion syntax" signal.
> "Conversion syntax" is an exceptional *condition*, which triggers the
> "invalid-operation" *signal*.  Same for "division impossible",
> "division undefined", and "invalid context"; all of these are
> conditions tied to the "invalid-operation" signal.  Making
> ConversionSyntax etc. into signals would be extending the spec.


> No name changes are necessary IMO.


-- Michael Chermside

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