[Python-Dev] Absolute/Relative import switcher for packages (PEP 328)

Wiktor Sadowski art at wiktorsadowski.com
Thu Jul 15 22:09:04 CEST 2004

Here is the solution for  Absolute/Relative problem that we are using
in our modified Python distribution...

We have added a few lines of code to to get_parent in import.c.
The code checks if there is "__absimport__=True" in parent dict
and if so: absolute import is used in "child" module (get_parent returns

Then putting "__absimport__=True" into an __init__.py is enough to
force absolute import for the whole package.
(The "__absimport__=True" switcher should be put into each subpackage
__init__.py,if desired)

Such addition is fully compatible with existing
Python import syntax and easy to use.

absolute import could be default,and "__relimport__=True"
would switch to relative import.

If nothing else,the switcher really helps with tracking absolute/relative
bugs in Python packages.

Wiktor Sadowski

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