[Python-Dev] RE: Python-Dev Digest, Vol 10, Issue 52

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Jun 1 01:20:11 EDT 2004

Jewett, Jim J wrote:
> I doubt I'm the only one who assumed that anything but
> a change suggestion would be counterproductive; that it
> would just be adding a "me too" that slowed down the 
> person who could actually check the patch in.

Indeed, adding just "me too" would not be helpful. Instead,
one should add a message: I made such and such tests, they
all passed, I could not find any flaws in the code, and
recommend approval. This would actually help the reviewer.

> If reviews from anyone are welcome, it wouldn't hurt 
> to mention that a few more places.  Ideally, it would
> be in the:

I'd rather prefer potential reviewers actually ask
how they could help, or atleast read


> (3)  developer documentation.  (I can sort of find it in 
> <URL: http://www.python.org/dev/dev_intro.html#helping-out >, 
> but didn't see it until I was already looking specifically 
> for information on patch reviews.)

But is it asked too much to read a text "Intro to development"?

My experience is that very few people actually get active
and review patches, even after they learn that they can on

Anyway, if you want to see boilerplate text, propose specific
wording, and I'll add that.


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