[Python-Dev] Contribution Licensing Agreement?

Gisle Aas gisle at ActiveState.com
Thu Jun 3 05:38:03 EDT 2004

"Martin v. Löwis" <martin at v.loewis.de> writes:

> John J Lee wrote:
> > I remember from a year or so ago that the various PSF licensing agreements
> > were not finalised, but Guido said contributors should still sign them in
> > their draft form.  Have things moved on at all since then?  I recall that
> > Guido said legal ditherings had been going on for a year or so even back
> > then.  cookielib is a derived work of libwww-perl, so I guess I need to
> > get Gisle Aas (libwww-perl's author) to sign something if it is to be part
> > of 2.4, right?
> Most likely, no. Things are still proceeding at a very low pace, and the
> papers that have originally been drafted are likely obsolete.
> At the moment, an acknowledgement of the author that he agrees to
> distribution of the code together with Python, and under the Python
> licensing conditions, is ok.

Hi, there.  I have no problem with letting cookielib be distibuted
under the Python license.

Gisle Aas

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