[Python-Dev] Allowing uploads in bug tracker

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sat Jun 5 11:49:16 EDT 2004

[A.M. Kuchling]
> Is there some setting in the SF bug tracker that prevents people from
> attaching files to bug reports?  Several people in #python-dev who aren't
> Python developers can't attach patches, but I'm not having any problems.

You're a bug tracker admin in the Python project, so you can do anything in
the bug tracker (including changing its settings).  I don't know exactly
which permission is needed to attach files to bugs you didn't submit, but
strongly suspect it's this "bug tracker admin" permission.  If so, that can
be given only to people, one at a time, who are already developers on the
project (it's a setting in each individual's project Developer Permissions

To test this theory, I've changed your (Andrew's) role in the bug tracker
from "Tech & Admin" to just "Tech".  Now please try attaching a file to a
bug you didn't submit, and let me know whether you were able to.  (I can't
test the theory on myself, because I'm a Project Admin, and I inherit the
Admin role on all project trackers because of that.)  Don't forget that the
"I'm uploading a file" checkbox has to be marked (even if you are an Admin).

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