[Python-Dev] Allowing uploads in bug tracker

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sat Jun 5 12:29:53 EDT 2004

>> To test this theory, I've changed your (Andrew's) role in the bug
>> tracker from "Tech & Admin" to just "Tech".  Now please try attaching a
>> file to a bug you didn't submit, and let me know whether you were able
>> to.

[A.M. Kuchling]
> Your theory is correct; the 'attach a file' checkbox is now gone. Wow,
> tying admin privs and attach-a-file privs is kind of irritating; people
> should be able to add patches without necessarily getting the ability to
> close bugs.

I agree, but nothing we can do about it.  The Zope Collectors (trackers)
have a similar policy, BTW (only the OP or a site manager can attach files
to a collector issue).  There must be a sysadminy kind of fear underlying
this, but don't know what it is.

In any case, I restored your "Tech & Admin" status on the Python bug
tracker, so you can resume distributing warez disguised as patches.

For the duration, people who want to attach files will need to get a Python
developer to attach them (all Python developers I added to the project have
the "Tech & Admin" role on all Python trackers; developers added by other
project admins may not; if you're a Python developer and cannot attach a
file to a tracker item, let me know and I'll boost your permissions).

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