[Python-Dev] Bug day outcome

A.M. Kuchling amk at amk.ca
Sun Jun 6 08:31:25 EDT 2004

The bug day yesterday was a success, despite ending four hours early
when SourceForge CVS stopped working and didn't come back.  (So, are
we thinking of running our own CVS/SVN/whatever server?)

About eight people showed up; attendance was probably reduced because
some people are at the EuroPython sprints working on other things.
That's still enough people to get a significant amount of work done.

The last bug summary said there were 762 open bugs.  30 bugs (= 4%)
were closed during the bug day, and
http://www.python.org/moin/PythonBugDayStatus lists 14 more bugs that
need to be reviewed by a core developer and possibly committed.

IMHO the bug day was a success, and we should have a few more of them
before 2.4final.  Notes for the next one:

* Perhaps the next one could be on the second weekend in July (the
  10th/11th).  Or should we try to have it before the first alpha is

* This one was originally supposed to be 12 hours long, but that's
  really too long for the organizer to keep focus :). 
  The next one should be just eight hours.

* The inability for random third-party developers to attach patches to
  bugs was an annoyance, not a serious problem; I attached a few files
  for developers who weren't able to do it themselves.  Still, I hope
  the PSF pushes forward on the Roundup work.


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