[Python-Dev] Bug day outcome

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Sun Jun 6 19:18:49 EDT 2004

On Jun 6, 2004, at 7:01 PM, Neil Schemenauer wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 06, 2004 at 11:54:37PM +0200, "Martin v. L?wis" wrote:
>> I don't think even SF has such numbers. However, bandwidth is not a
>> problem - the PSF is willing to reimburse anybody hosting the Python 
>> CVS
>> for bandwidth (although donations are certainly welcome).
> Really?  What would be a reasonable monthy fee?  I ask because the
> bandwidth required for hosting both a checkin and an a anonymous
> repository may be quite a lot.  A full checkout seems to be about
> 100 MB.  The hosting plan I'm looking at now offers 50 GiB/month for
> $40.

Surely there must be an ISP out there that is Python friendly and would 
offer a significant discount.. and is that with or without considering 
the typical compression (-z3 is normal, I guess)?

>> The issue is providing timely service: what if the system runs out of
>> memory, gets cracked by a hacker, a new committer needs to be added,
>> the sendmail installation gets stuck because some commit messages 
>> cannot
>> be delivered to some recipient, and so on.
>> Such a system needs permanent hand-holding. Certainly, the number of
>> projects that SF hosts do cause delays in timely responses. OTOH,
>> they also have many more full-time people for hand-holding than we
>> will ever get.
> If the PSF pays the hosting fees, I am willing manage a Subversion
> repository for Python.  If we can get one ore two people to offer
> backup support when I'm not available then I think we could offer
> better service than SF.

I am definitely 100% for Subversion.  Update and diff are much faster, 
and you can view the repository or do an export with wget if you have 
to (assuming Subversion+Apache).  Also the efficiency of copying/moving 
things around makes life easier, especially for Mac stuff because there 
tends to be a lot more directories.  We have just recently moved PyObjC 
from Sourceforge CVS to a Subversion server and the grass is definitely 

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