[Python-Dev] Bug day outcome

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Sun Jun 6 20:39:31 EDT 2004

[Andrew Kuchling]
>> The bug day yesterday was a success
> [...]

[Tony Meyer]
> Out of curiosity, did you end up announcing it anywhere?  Where does this
> sort of thing get announced?

I think the next one needs to be better publicized.  This one was discussed
on Python-Dev, but it wasn't clear to me that it was actually going to
happen.  I didn't realize it was happening until I saw email on python-dev
Saturday, asking questions about SourceForge that suggested it might be
happening.  In any case, Python-Dev is the natural place to announce it.

I noticed just now that

    A Python Bug Day will be held on Saturday, June 5; see the Wiki for

is a prominent announcement on the python.org home page, but I don't look at
that often.  Subscribing to that Wiki page


may or may not be a good way to learn about the next one (depends on whether
it's reused).

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