[Python-Dev] Side by Side Differencing Patch

Dan Gass dmgass at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 9 09:40:36 EDT 2004


A while back I submitted a Python patch (#914575) for the difflib.py module 
and the diff.py utility script to add support for generating side by side 
differences. It was intended to be used for generating HTML pages but is 
generic where it can be used for other types of markup.

1) Is this worthwhile functionality where it would be worth including it and 
supporting it in Python?
2) What can I do to help evolve it, prove its worth and get this patch on 
the road for inclusion in Python?

The patch was designed to not interfere or duplicate existing code (it uses 
the output of the ndiff iterator) and I believe is very maintainable code.  
I initially wrote it for showing log differences in HTML test reports 
(personal project) but have also found it useful at work for supplementing 
Doxygen documentation with source differences and also a utility script 
which generates an HTML report of all the source differences between two 
builds.  In addition I've set up CVS to use it so that I have frequent 
exposure to the results of my algorithms to make sure I never see quirks.

Dan Gass

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