[Python-Dev] undocumented api functions

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Wed Jun 9 15:22:36 EDT 2004

Every so often, when writing C extensions, or embedding Python, I
encounter api functions which seem to be useful, but they are
undocumented.  I brought the Doc/tools/undoc_symbols.py script up to
date - this uses ctags to find function declarations, macro definitions
and typedefs, then looks through the .tex files whether they are
mentioned or not.

Currently, for CVS head, it finds 239 undocumented function prototypes.
Probably most of them should better stay undocumented and unused by
extension writers, but several are really useful like these random picks:
  PySys_SetPath PyGILState_* PyOS_snprintf

First I thought I write docs for some of them myself and submit patches
or check them in directly, but maybe a more organized way would be
better.  So, as an experiment, I set up a wiki page for that.


Maybe the page should be moved to the python.org wiki, but I'd like to
hear any comments before.



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